Frequently asked questions

Question: How do I file a claim?
Answer: Click on the claims filing link on the main page and follow instructions

Question: How do I track my shipment?
Answer: Go to the main page and enter the confirmation number we sent to your email address under the E tracking section on the left-hand side of the page.

Question: What happens if the estimate of the shipment weight in lbs is incorrect?
Answer: You will be billed/charged based on the shipments actual weight and actual dimensions (or the greater of the two). If UniGroup Logistics provided a rate based on 300lbs and the actual weight of the shipment is 500lbs then the additional cost for this shipment will be added to the final invoice.

Question: If I am billed based on actual weight and DIMS and I will be charged accordingly will I be provided with documentation to justify additional charges?
Answer: Yes. You will be provided with a POD (proof of delivery) that will accompany the invoice with detailed shipment information.